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Construct + Amerifine

Amerifine is the definitive home of American Luxury. Founded to celebrate the premium brands, products and experiences that embody America’s proud history of excellence, craftsmanship and the sheer joy of great design. Founded to be the only global advocate for American style, heritage and quality in the retail and experience space. The brand encompasses e-commerce, catalogue and brand advisory.

Amerifine is the colour of sky’s bigger than anywhere and dreams to match.
Amerifine is individual vision upheld and amplified by a nation.
Amerifine has a domestic audience more powerful than any other in the world.
Amerifine is a bloodhound for the best.
Amerifine is rewriting the rules of luxury for tomorrow.

Every now and again Construct’s relationships with its clients extends beyond consultancy and into true partnership and equity participation. In 2008-2012 Construct partnered Mulberry to fast track the brand's success. In 2015 Construct co-Founded Hill and Friends and in 2020 Amerifine launches, a partnership project Construct first embarked on with the brand's founder, Faye Mythen in 2017. Working with previous clients and collaborators Matt Nixon and Louisa Thomson to launch this timely and ambitious brand platform and service.

The first stage of Construct's work has encompassed brand strategy, brand identity and palette creation, web design and art direction. The Amerifine logotype is an elegant, timeless and truly American treatment, inspired by Fortune magazine and reflective of the golden heritage of American commercial vision. It is supported by the Amerifine makers marque endorsement roundel and ‘A’ corner treatment as well as a rich palette of colour, typography and illustration.

The Amerifine brand palette speaks of craft and refinement with a distinctive logotype and marques inspired by American typography and quality approving makers' marks. The colour palette with primary white, black and sky blue, supported by stronger tones of red, navy, nude and maroon are used in varying volumes when the brand is needed to sit alongside partner content, or promote Amerifine through packaging and communications. The brand colours are also communicated in frames and striped ribbons reminiscent of patriotic medals. An American rooted typographic palette offers both clarity and editorial contrast with a conversational approach that conveys warmth and humanity in application.

Live on social media and through a book partnership with Assouline, the Amerifine platform and advisory service will launch later this year as Construct continue to support the development of the brand through consultancy and design. We look forward to sharing the next stage of the creative journey with you.

Thanks to Faye Mythen, Matthew Nixon and Louisa Thomson,