The Bright Side

In the current climate good news is especially welcome.

Despite the disruption of the last 12 months the Construct team have been working harder than ever to make sure existing clients have the support they need to manage disruption and plan ahead to capitalise on emerging opportunity.

During this time Construct have created new communications strategies, art directed campaigns and film shoots, created new brand identities and packaged precious products. Our clients have challenged us intellectually and creatively and together we have forged a deeper understanding of audience motivations and the dynamic of a new social and cultural landscape.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this experience has been the fulfilment of a vision Construct has held dear for more than fifteen years. A focus on quality not luxury, a focus on purpose and meaning over status and superficial values and last but not least a recognition within each of us of a desire to truly be ourselves.

As many of us explore these profound themes we also witness seismic shifts in communications, last week Bottega went ‘dark’ on social media, echoing the unease many brands have felt at the disproportionate power these platforms are having on the way they communicate and the relationships they have with their consumers. Bottega is bold but the strength of their brand means they can define how and where they engage with their audience away from the commercial manipulation of social media. Many other brands are questioning their return to physical spaces and the way in which they prioritse digital platforms. The rules are changing, now is the time to be bold and take a lead, to confidently double down on brand, authentic values and celebration of best in class product, service and experience. Creativity is key as customers lean in more closely to listen to brands with the bravery to re-invent connection.

A blast from the past...

15 years ago we wrote a piece about the future of luxury for Luxury Briefing and Sublime magazine. As we explore our vision for the next 15 years we have revisited our past predictions and thought you might enjoy a re-read with the benefit of hindsight.

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