Expect The Unexpected – Service

Construct created and art directed the Expect The Unexpected campaign for The Carlton Tower, Jumeirah’s London Flagship hotel.

This campaign started its life as a sketch and took months of development, perseverance and an extraordinary team to come to life. This story, one of 8 stories told throughout the campaign, focuses on the exceptional service offering at the hotel – conjuring up a dreamlike world of incredible hospitality and service where boundaries between dreams and reality and blurred and emotions are brought to life in an incredibly surreal visual narrative.

The campaign required a complex set build which included the constructing of a mini Carlton Tower. The campaign also features parcels wrapped in The Carlton Tower’s unique Frink pattern created as part of the brand palette, copious pastries, fresh berries, piles of pancakes, multiple hand models and endless champagne.

On our Instagram you'll find a snapshot of our BTS video from the shoot, which showcases the craft and passion behind the campaign. In the video you’ll see a snippet of the team that worked on the set, from props, hair and makeup, stylists, models, to photography and film, set building, production, cake baking, plant sourcing and you will also be able to hear our bespoke soundtrack created specifically for the campaign.

Inspired by the magic created with large oversized figures and small props, a dreamlike colourspace and exciting and intriguing action within this set scape - this shoot is all about Expect The Unexpected.

With warm thanks to

Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts

Creative concept – Construct
Art direction – Construct

And credit to our wonderful extended project team:

Photographer – Sandra Freij
Hair and makeup – Jo Gillingwater
Set – Helen MacIntyre
Stylist – Miranda Almond
Models – Bianca O'Brien and Silke Hajunga
One Represents
The Hive
The Production Factory
Sarah Laird & Good Company