Working with Change Capital Partners and the Frette management team, our first task was to define the brand and strategy, to reposition Frette for a contemporary audience, many of whom were unaware of the brand’s heritage, quality and reputation.

After much analysis, we defined the framework for the strategic focus of the brand. Layered onto this framework, we created category-defining communications tools to demystify selection. Creating the concept of the four ‘Fs’ — Fibre, Finish, Feel and Frette — the final quality standard required of the finest linens in the world.

Finally as we began to design store fascias, packaging and communications, we were able to bring these elements together to create a powerful, dynamic palette of colour, logotype, patterns, textures and iconic details. As with every successful heritage rebrand, the new identity appears to have always belonged to Frette, to have grown out of its past and into its future, far exceeding a static corporate interpretation of a brand which deserves a much higher level of sophistication.


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