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The Goring

At the beginning of the year, we started to work with the fabulous Goring to bring their brand to life. London's last remaining family-owned luxury hotel. Crafted over a century by one family, The Goring is the genuine article - a grand hotel with impeccable manners and a subtle streak of wit and wonder. Inspired by the heritage and spirit of this very special family-owned hotel where unexpected details are hidden in the most surprising places…

And warmth and welcome are evident in every detail we have crafted a subtle refinement of the Goring crest and logotype and developed a brand palette to harness the rich aesthetic of this singular Hotel.

But why the sheep? A very good question! The Goring sheep have become as iconic as the hotel itself. Here is a little history on how they came to be...

Guests used to remark to the late George Goring that they did not feel as if they were in London when they stayed at The Goring, but rather it had the peace and calm of a country hotel – due to the beautiful garden and the very quiet location in Belgravia. So one day, when he was driving through Somerset, Mr Goring came across the workshop of a lady who made the most engaging wooden sheep with real sheepskin fur. He bought one and took it back to The Goring, as he thought it really brought the country feel of the hotel to life. The guests loved it – and he subsequently commissioned her to make more and more. When guests visit The Goring today, they will be able to see some of these famous sheep dotted about the hotel and on each bed, ready to welcome guests to The Goring.

A brand identity created to reflect the vibrant, idiosyncratic, familiar and fabulous spirit with rich colours, playful details and crafted elegance. We can’t wait to see more of the items we have created with our friends at The Goring appearing around the Hotel over the next few months.

Each element designed to blend perfectly with the established character of the Goring and stand the test of time while standing out from the crowd.

With warm thanks to

The Goring
Pineapple Hotels

Here we are again

Here we are again

and somehow lockdown in winter is so much harder...

So we’ve been sharing some great ways to stay sane,
stay connected and see this through.

Construct X

Look after yourself with The School of Life 'How to be Serene' virtual class

Few life skills are as neglected, yet as important, as the ability to remain calm. Our very worst decisions and interactions are almost invariably the result of a loss of calm – and a descent into anxiety and agitation. Surprisingly, but very fortunately, our power to remain calm can be rehearsed and improved.

We don't have to remain where we are now: our responses to everyday challenges can dramatically alter. We can educate ourselves in the art of remaining calm not through slow breathing or special teas but through thinking. This is a class that patiently unpacks the causes of our greatest stresses and gives us a succession of highly persuasive, beautiful and sometimes dryly comic arguments with which to defend ourselves against panic and fury.

Let yourself go with the Dulwich Art Group Monday Bad Drawing Group

Slay the dragon of self-judgement. It’s a paradox that we need to have good judgement for so much of what we do in life and yet that organ of judgement, when turned against ourselves, is a stern gatekeeper to the land of creativity and play. Good judgement or a sense of ‘rightness’ is a way we decide if something is good or bad based around how similar it is to other good or bad things that we know. The trouble is that when we are being creative, we are making things that are new and don’t look or feel like anything that we know – and so our alarm goes off!

Find a way through inspired by Erykah Badu's quarantine concerts

We might know Erykah Badu for her soul-soothing music, her songwriting and her spiritualistic style. Now, the musician adds another title to the mix—as a tech entrepreneur. Amid the many ways artists are finding to cope with the coronavirus-imposed shutdown of the live-entertainment industry, it’s safe to say that Erykah Badu has found one of the more innovative solutions with her elaborate “Quarantine Concert Series,” which is streamed live from her home in Dallas.

Fans get a full-length concert is roughly the same price for a three-minute song on iTunes. As Badu explains: “As an artist, it’s my therapy, what I do,” she said. “I wanted to create another revenue of income and you are helping me do that in a big way because this is an experiment. There’s nobody in between me and that dollar.”

It all started last year after her concerts were cancelled due to the pandemic. The Quarantine Concert Series helps bring a high-quality experience to the screen to view her genius fusion of hip hop, jazz, soul and gospel. It’s much more than your usual fuzzy livestream. This elevates the experience to another level.


Go shopping somewhere new with the help of some of our favourite friends and clients.

Shop female founded

Shop Made in America

Shop British artists and makers


Stay informed and entertained courtesy of Graydon Carters' Airmail.


Good, local and independent food click and collect or delivered to your door.


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Construct + Amerifine web launch

The Amerifine website launched this week!

Building on the brand work we shared with you a few months ago, Amerifine has launched this week. A multi-brand digital platform celebrating the very best of American made premium product. With digital strategy and design by Construct. The website celebrates the incredible brands curated by Amerifine in an immersive e-commerce experience. With diverse categories and rich brand stories the site has been designed to reflect the brands' purpose and values and allow for significant category and content growth over time.

Amerifine is the definitive home of American Made Luxury. Founded to celebrate the premium brands, products and experiences that embody America’s proud history of excellence, craftsmanship and the sheer joy of great design.  

Established as the only global advocate for American style, heritage and quality in the retail and experience space. The brand encompasses e-commerce, catalogue, events, content and brand advisory.

With a collection of beautifully curated made in American brands from categories including art, beauty, homeware, fashion, fine jewellery and authentic American crafts. Explore Amerifine to meet brands including DS & Durga, Spinelli Kilcollin, Steinway and Sons, Aerin, Skas Objects, Haney, Hoorsenbuhs, Sharon Khazzam and Lucchese.

With warm thanks to

Louisa Thomson