Hill and Friends Brand Identity

Hill and Friends, the new fashion and accessories brand founded by Emma Hill CBE and Construct founder Georgia Fendley, launched on Sunday 20th September at London Fashion Week.

Construct created the brand identity, brand palette, packaging and digital identity for the brand. The brand identity consists of a simple, clean san serif typographic logotype held in a lozenge shaped device inspired by old railway sign formats, the logotype is used alongside a series of characters created by Construct for the brand. The characters include a walking cloud, heart, star and apple in an idiosyncratic style which plays homage to Hills obsession with Keith Haring and Mr Men. The palette is a clean white with black line and neon pink highlights. Neon pink is the signature brand colour and features on business card edges, stationary, packaging linings and care bag cords. The brand illustration style is used to bring an element of playfulness and personality to all touch points from customer services to digital communications.

Hill and Friends