Travelling Whilst Staying Still

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Travelling Whilst Staying Still

Whilst many of us need to stay at home at the moment, wanderlust and cultural curiosity don't need to stop. Our eyes and minds can travel from the comfort of our front rooms thanks to the amazing virtual tours the world's great cultural institutions have created.

Here are a few of the very best, the Construct Grand Tour.

Enjoy and stay safe

Construct X

Virtual Tours of the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

The Nightwatch by Rembrandt has a fantastic 'experience' section where you are immersed into the gallery with guided narration.

Virtual Tours of the Louvre, Paris

The remains of the Louvre's Moat is a really good one, though the arrows take a little getting used to.

Virtual Tours of the Vatican, Rome

Raphael's rooms are totally insane.

Virtual Tours of the Guggenheim, New York

Like Google maps street-view, but for the inside of the Guggenheim.

Virtual Tours of the Uffizi Collection, Florence

A little more basic, but a fantastic insight into the Uffizi's masterpieces with explanations and guided 'online exhibitions'.

National Theatre at Home

You can now stream National Theatre productions from your home, showing this week are Ralph Fiennes and Sophie Okonedo in Antony & Cleopatra.

Image art directed by Construct at The Connaught, shot by Polly Wreford

The new normal — part 2

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The new normal — part 2.

We have put together a few more books, TV shows and films
to encourage a positive mind and put a smile on everyone's faces.

Enjoy and stay safe

Construct X


Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, narrated by Rosamund Pike

This book is on Audible is a warm retelling of a familiar tale.
It is a truth universally acknowledged...

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

This is 700 pages of friendship, depression and abuse but it's so madly compelling,
we haven't been able to put it down. So not the cheeriest but we would recommend.

This is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay

A painfully funny insight into the world of an NHS doctor, this book is an
emotional rollercoaster. You will be sure to laugh and cry in equal measure,
a must-read-book of the 21st Century. Especially during these times.

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

An insightful memoir into the extraordinary growth of Nike and it's founder
Phil Knight. Candid, dry and gutsy, Shoe Dog is one to read.

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

Long but brilliant and totally worth a listen, such in-depth look at the life of Steve Jobs
and fascinating look into how his mind worked – a total genius and so well written.

The Night Of

Riz Ahmed stars in this gripping whodunnit short series. The story told is one that
affects countless inmates and their families. It's a story of mass incarceration,
and the fragility of innocence and how prison changes the naive.

The Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker

This brilliant retelling of Homer’s epic poem focuses on the cost
of war to women through the story of Briseis, Achilles’ concubine.

Just Kids by Patti Smith

Written and narrated by Patti Smith, if you haven't read it you should,
it's so beautifully written and a great insight into the New York
creative scene in the 60/70's.

We have found this lovely website called which helps
support independent bookstores, at the moment they have a one book
at a time policy... so choose your next book carefully.


Classpass Livestream Yoga

For living room morning yoga, this is great at clearing the mind
and starting the day feeling uplifted and positive.

TV & Film

Curb your enthusiasm

A day in the life of Larry David... It's pretty, pretty good...

Desert Island Discs

This is the perfect time to delve into Desert Island Discs' expansive library
of interviews. What would you take to your desert island...?

Construct + Nomadissem

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Construct + Nomadissem

Launching its first womenswear collection, Nomadissem is a pioneering, empowering label with headquarters in Switzerland. Nomadissem engaged Construct to develop its brand identity and palette which included consideration of colours, icons, prints and additional identity assets required to communicate the brand with appropriate confidence and differentiation. Construct developed Nomadissem’s existing logo to create an updated, stacked version, designed to reflect the sense of rhythm of the word and mirror the brand’s adaptable clothing concept.

Pursuing a slower path of fashion, Nomadissem represents a timeless aesthetic, versatility and quiet functionality. Following extensive research, Construct found inspiration in Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Vitruvian Man’ and redefined Fibonacci’s Golden Ratio grid to develop a female scale, with Golden section measurements based on the female form. This female scale grid plays a crucial role in Nomadissem’s branding and can be seen throughout the label’s clean and enduring identity.

Inspired by Nomadissem’s Swiss heritage and pioneering approach to timeless design and craftsmanship, Construct’s research included alpine landscapes and architecture. As a high-end, eco-friendly brand and antidote to fast fashion, Construct’s main challenge was marrying sustainability and luxury to create a refined and effective brand palette for Nomadissem.

Construct also created the art direction of Nomadissem’s brand campaign shoot, with clever use of double exposure to showcase the multiple faces of the label and reflect the products adaptability, long life and the brand’s core values.