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This is a classy salon.

We spill in from the Piccadilly bus lane into Bafta to the sparkle and good posture of aperitivo. Moving through to our seats in the dim, velvety auditorium space, past the typographic brickwork listing accolades and made-its. Small brass plaques pattern the backs of the chairs displaying the patronage by the superstellar crowd, we ease ourselves in ready for the event.


For tonight, Lionel Shriver read to us her unpublished short story ‘Chapstick’. It’s an entertaining allegory, animated, quietly acerbic – that is mildly acid – account of family ties and how they play out in the patriarch’s old age.


Honestly, when was the last time you were read to? At first it’s a novelty and hard not to be distracted (after all the brass promises me the ghost of George Clooney sits in front) but then we’re gripped with this family tale of a self-important father, children marked by both his professional stature and paternal absence, to play out as sibling resentment and ultimately the resignation and pragmatism of the youngest son.


Pindrop describes itself simply as ‘the home of short fiction’ with events held in various locations around London, New York and LA

Pindrop are warm hosts, these events definitely have an air and poise. This was one helluva bedtime story.

A Mayfair Snapshot

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There is something calming about walking around the quiet residential streets
of Mayfair at the weekend. 

It is easy to lose track of time whilst wandering around in awe of the grandeur of the area, imagining what it is like to live in such an elegant part of London and creating your own stories of life behind those heavy looking town house doors. It's an area of beautiful and intricate architecture and well looked after homes where everything seems so perfectly placed - but there is always something around the corner to make you smile...




The Last Supper

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An evening of earthy fragrance and murmuring tones.
Last night, Construct were invited to the launch of 'The Last Supper', an event held
to celebrate an ambitious new sculptural work by the reputed London design studio Based Upon. 
A springtime gathering, at Caroline Garden’s Chapel. Peckham,
permeated with the aroma of incense, infused with dampened stone.
We drank Georgian wine from hand thrown terracotta goblets 
and joined a humble feast of flat breads broken and shared amongst
those gathered around wooden tables in revered silence.
The work comprises a figurative bronze sculpture, intended to reimagine the Last Supper as it was 2000 years ago.
Based on three-dimensional scans of selected devotees, assembled from around the world.
Arranged in a staged approximation of the iconic biblical scene.
The event was inaugurated by sounds courtesy of Stephan Micus and an assortment of world instruments,
including a ‘Shakuhachi’, ‘Sho’ and a ‘Zither’, alongside extended chanted sections in ‘made up’ languages.
All carefully illuminated using lighting designed by Matt Clark of UVA.
We left soothed. Having shared a uniquely calm moment of sanctity, within the surrounding urban sprawl.